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On-site group business skills training can be presented at any location, both local and internationally – our facilitators will train at your premises. Sound business-to-business information networking can then be delivered to positively contribute to the success of our clients.

In-house training courses can be customized to suit the target group and each organization’s specific skills requirement. We cement a professional business partnership with our clients by analyzing training needs, understanding the outcomes required and offering solutions that ensure identified objectives are guaranteed within the timescales specified.

For all in-house group sessions we offer the opportunity for our clients to measure this impact through a unique return on investment projection. Utilizing our unique assessment tools we provide our clients with measurable training solutions offering return on investment in the workplace.

With more and more Training and HR Managers being held accountable for training spent, we believe that the importance of Return on Investment (ROI) calculations following business skills training courses will prove to be invaluable to the business management of all organizations that are serious about their training objectives.

All training is outcomes based and adheres to the requirements of the NQF.


There are two possible fee options for the implementation of on-site training:

  • The Standard Option which covers the training, manuals, certificates, group post course report and “Contact the Coach” post course support.
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) option includes additional training products and services available for the organization and delegates including:
  • USB memory sticks with electronic training resources.
  • Framed certificates for each delegate.
  • The Way Forward – 30 day personal action plan.
  • Pre and post course electronic evaluations.

The course content and quality of training for both solutions are the same.


Seminars and Conferencing

MDI-SA hosts High level business seminars and conferences focusing on critical industry issues.


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