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Our key focus is to provide you and your staff with powerful skills related to personal branding,  etiquette, communication and professionalism in the workplace.

  • Is your staff currently projecting the best impression on your internal and external clients?
  • Is the company’s brand reputation being damaged due to the lack of professionalism and bad image displayed by employees?
  • Could your company be losing customers and potential clients to your competition as a result of the staff’s poor corporate image or etiquette?
  • Do you need to equip employees with tools to release their unlimited potential, brilliance & fabulosity?


Our team of experts  will create a tailor made solution to enhance and improve your employees’ corporate image & etiquette.


Our programs will allow your staff to:

  • Command executive presence
  • Project powerful, lasting impressions
  • Display the correct etiquette during all business interactions
  • Demonstrate the company’s values through their image & etiquette


We will ensure that existing and potential clients are:

  • Dazzled by the way the staff represents their personal and company brand;
  • Impressed by your team’s image excellence ; and
  • Inspired by their  business etiquette and professionalism.


Why choose us?

  • In this fast paced world, creating a powerful personal brand is the quickest, most tangible way to gain credibility in the workplace.
  • If you want to diminish the potential loss of current or future business as a result of your staff’s unprofessional behavior and corporate image.
  • Obtaining your desired results is our mission. Exceeding your expectations is our aim.
  • Our leading edge, interactive presentations will increase the impact of the impressions you/your staff make in the minds of others.
  • The practical skills and powerful strategies communicated will position you strides ahead of your competitors.
  • We help to create mind-blowing transformations of individuals and organizations.
  • With years of experience in the area of Impression Management, we have assisted intense number of satisfied individuals and leading local and international companies and organizations.
  • Our clients invite us to return again and again.
  • You will be INFOTAINED – we are committed to delivering effective information that educates you whilst entertaining you.
  • Your presentation will be customized to meet your desired results and support your goals.
  • Our team consists of dedicated, highly qualified and passionate experts in their field.


Additional value

  • FREE, ongoing, up-to-date, unlimited access to our latest tips and impression management advice for all delegates to reinforce their learning.
  • A visit to your company/organization to conduct research in order to customize the project for your individual needs.
  • A professional article written for your in-house magazine or newsletter.



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October 2020